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Hi there, I'm posting here because comments are disabled on Six of Crystals.  I can't proceed at all in Six of Crystals - Astron just speaks in an endless loop when the game starts.  I also had to get the VX Ace RTP to play - this might be good to explain on the page.

I enjoyed the rest of this series.  I really liked the cute pastel art and the sci-fi theme.  I do wish the entries were longer so that we can see more development between Maya and Luna, as well as more detail about the setting and the many secondary characters.

Great job completing this series.  I look forward to playing 6oC and whatever you make next.

I just finished the newest version. 

The artstyle and sountrack are still very good. Sprites and CGs are well done. I like the contrast between nobily and rebel girls. Their races don't even look the same. 

Characters are very interesting and they have their roles in plot. The plot... is simple and a bit linear but I like it. And I'm very glad the Priness chose her happiness. 

I want more :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it <3 the next chapter is already in the making ;)

I like the artstyle. Its very original. the story and characters is interesting, too. It's good prologue for bigger story. i'd like to see more from you :D

Thank you so much, your kind words mean so much! TuT (also sorry for late reply >.<)